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Author: Amy Zimmerman
Published: March 14, 2011 at 10:13 pm

They are now in college; one a Freshman and the other a Senior about to graduate. I have taken a break from listening to the obsession over offspring only to be thrown right back into the fire with questions like, 'Does your daughter have a job yet?', 'Do you worry about the job market?' and 'Is she actively looking?'

My answers are simple. No she does not have a job yet. No, I don't worry because that won't help her find a job. And, she is not actively NOT looking.

I am a firm believer that panic never helped any situation. And an atmosphere of anxiety is no way to nurture a young person.

I look back on the years where it was not so easy for me to make light of this. When no matter how hard I tried to keep my cool and keep our eye on our own ball the frenetic pressure would inevitably sneak into our home where it was least welcome. It was unpleasant, and uncomfortable.

The net of it all for me is advice I was given when my kids were young: 

Your kids will be fine.

And you know what? They are. In spite of 'the culture' and 'the curriculum' and 'society' and yes, sometimes their parents. They have learned to navigate and negotiate just fine.

Even if they did not take Mandarin in Middle School.


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