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Author: Jennifer Bush
Published: May 28, 2010 at 6:00 am

Questions From the moment our kids are born, we are responsible for every decision related to their well-being. This is not news to any parent. We make decisions for our kids everyday, from what they will wear or eat, to whether to take a feverish kid to the doctor or just wait it out. When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew this at an intellectual level but I assumed I'd have some kind of period to ease in to the whole thing. Of course, it doesn't work that way. When my son was born, we had already decided to circumcise him, but there was an issue that could have affected our decision. All turned out well, but as urology residents were examining my newborn, explaining the pros and cons of the procedure, all I could really think was "I'm sorry, you want me to make this decision?" I was completely unprepared, and it wasn't a decision I had planned on making.

Raising a child on the autism spectrum has forced my husband and I to make a lot of decisions we haven't been prepared to make. Center or home-based program? How many hours a week? What type of therapies? Again, I found myself wondering how in the world I was supposed to make these decisions. And the worst part, is no one could answer the only question I had: which one will work?

It took a bit of a rough start with some trial and error, but we eventually found a team of professionals we trust, and have made decisions with their guidance. But we'll never know if we made the right ones, if maybe some other magic combination would have worked better.

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Article Author: Jennifer Bush

Jen Bush lives in San Jose, CA, where she is a stay at home mom to two kids, including a preschooler on the autsim spectrum. You can follow her on Twitter @wantapeanut

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