My 6 Year Old Said: I Want The Guy With The Dark Skin To Win

Author: Beth Blecherman
Published: November 04, 2008 at 9:30 pm

RpresidenthugeI am sitting with my three boys and husband explaining why this moment, that Barack Obama is now President Elect, is historic (the first time a white-majority country has ever elected a nonwhite head of state). We talked about the process throughout the election to my kids. My 9 year old and most of his friends all supported Barack Obama. Only one of my son's friends supported John McCain, because he said "John McCain will raise taxes on toys" (part of the mis-information campaign).

When I had conversations with my sons, it was mostly about the issues that each candidate stood for. But I was proud today when I asked my 6 year old which candidate he wanted to win, and he said "The guy with the dark skin" in the same way he would have described someone else as "the kid with the red hair."I am not only proud that my children have diversity around them in their school, but that skin color is just another attribute to them.  That many of the kids in my son's fourth grade class were supporting the "candidate" Obama because of the issues he stood for. That for them, race is not an issue.

Unfortunately, for many race is an issue. I have friends that struggle with discrimination against them and their children, and each time I hear the stories I get very upset. As if each time it shakes me out of my idealism, and reminds me that there are those still being discriminated against.

So while tonight is historic because (I feel) we elected a candidate that can bring about true change, my hope is that discrimination is one of those changes.

That, and everyone's retirement accounts magically reappear....

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