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Reinvent with Vintage..this Fashion is Smokin! - Page 3

Author: Sheri Saluto
Published: April 21, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Six Tips to score the Smoking Vintage Style:

1. Hit the "What's on Sale," button on all sites first. This is how I got some excellent deals. ModCloth is really great about selling items that might be slightly damaged for really cheap. If you know how to sew on a button, you may have a perfect find.

2. Target is "in the loop" for day dresses, cardigans, and mary-jane pumps. If you read More Magazine or Parenting Magazine, you will find $5 off coupons for Target. Use them!!

3. Give back. Shabby Apple has swimwear, dresses, shoes, everything. Whether casual or formal, or anything in between, you will find vintage. Plus, you will be helping poor women of the world develop and sustain their families through Unitus. I buy a dress and help a woman at the same time. Win, win.

4. Ebay: Type in vintage or classy in the search bar, and tons of Ebay stores will pop up. Make sure you buy from a high-rated seller. I have never had problems with anything I have bought and always get what I order fast.

5. Unique-Vintage was a site I came across by happenstance. Great products and wonderful prices.

6. Shoes matter. Ebay, Target and DSW are my favorites for style and price.

*Image of Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver courtesy of Sport and Entertainment News


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