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Pediatricians Recommend an Age Limit for Tanning Salons

Author: Tiffany
Published: February 28, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Pediatricians Recommend an Age Limit for Tanning Salons

What is addictive, advertised towards young people and considered dangerous by doctors?

An article issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes the need for pediatricians and parents to guide their children and teens in skin cancer prevention.

According to the report, a national survey revealed that 24 percent of non-Hispanic white teenagers ages 13-19 years old, used a tanning salon at least once. Due to the increase in cases of melanoma, including young people,  with the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Dermatology, the AAP supports legislation prohibiting access to tanning salons or use of artificial tanning devices by children under the age of 18.

The Indoor Tanning Association disagrees that tanning should be legislated.
"We're talking about getting a sun tan," said John Overstreet, the association's spokesman. "This is a decision best left for parents, not the government. Let parents make the decision."

The tanning industry seems to target young people in that they offer package deals for repeat use and promote these packages just before prom. Some tanning salons even offer student discounts.

The media bombards our young people with the message that it is better to be tan than not. If you are not tan, then you are “pasty” and pasty is “gross”. Think of the Jersey Shore kids and their motto, “GTL”, or Gym-Tan-Laundry.

The appeal of tanning in a salon, is the immediate gratification. One doesn’t have to wait for the right season of the year or the perfect time of day to be in the sun in order to get that coloring that Hollywood suggests is more beautiful.

Opposition may ask “What is the difference between tanning in a bed and tanning in the sun?”

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