Girl Scout Cookies & Hitting up the Office

Author: Deborah Feyerick
Published: January 15, 2009 at 5:06 am

DeborahThe other day, I left work an hour early to pick up my daughter from her skating lesson in Central Park. The plan was to bring her back to my office a few blocks away. I usually try to avoid this since children in the office can be distracting especially since there’s a candy jar just outside my boss’s office which always causes trouble. I warn my daughter not to misbehave, threatening some vague punishment should she act-up. But once we walk through the doors she instinctively knows she’s in command and usually flashes me a sideways grin that says, “Don’t-try-to-stop-me-or-I’ll-make-a-scene.”

So why put my professional and personal dignity on the line? Three Words. Girl Scout Cookies. Yes, it’s that time of year when parents across America face the humiliating prospect their child will sell the fewest boxes. No patch. No prize. No honor.

My daughter had succeeded in selling cookies to her grandparents & younger sister who bought seven boxes and whose ability to pay (like people targeted in the subprime fiasco) was highly questionable. I was concerned I’d end up like my own mom, forced to buy 50 boxes so her painfully shy daughter could win some small prize and save face. Thus, the office trip.

Following the Brownie code, my daughter was adamant she be the one to sell the cookies explaining, “Otherwise it doesn’t count.” She also told me she had to bake the cookies herself (1000 of them) though she clearly spaced out during that part of the Brownie sales pitch. Also, the order form slogan "Every Box Makes a Difference" she took to mean, "If I sell enough, I win an iPod Nano."

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