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Author: Brenda Milouchev
Published: May 23, 2010 at 9:17 am

Apology acknowledges the wrong or injustice that has been committed against another living being.  Apology allows the offended party to feel as though they have been heard.  Apology shows that the other is worthy of your care, even after your misdoing, whether intentional or not.  Apology shows that you have empathy, Mr. Suttles.  Apology, when sincere and heart-felt, ultimately allows the injured to release anger and humiliation, with the possibility of forgiveness. 

I do not believe that you or your company intended to cause one of the most horrific environmental disasters in human history.  I do not believe that you, Mr. Suttles, personally forgot to change the battery on the blowout preventer or you caused the hydraulic system to fail.  BUT, I do believe you must acknowledge the worthiness of the peoples and animals of our country who will be the recipients of severe negative consequences because of your company's erroneous lack of good judgment and proper actions.

I empathize with the people of the Gulf Region.  My heart breaks as I watch the oil spill grow larger each day.  A heaviness fills my soul with each photo of an oil covered bird or confession of a business owner who knows they will struggle to provide for their family in the years to come.  You see Mr. Suttles, I grew up on the Jersey shore.  Yes, my childhood home was a half a block away from the ocean and my fondness memories are of going to the beach with my mom, swimming every day in the water and collecting seashells.  I loved to dig for sandcrabs and find starfish in the tidal pools of sandbars.  I remember the days in the 1980s when hypodermic needles and medical waste washed ashore along the coast of NJ.  I remember how my parents' business suffered and the days the beaches were closed.  I remember those sad days.  But in no way can this compare to the devastation the Gulf Coast peoples will face. 

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