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Forget the Label - Eat as Nature Intended!

Author: Tash Jefferies
Published: June 11, 2012 at 8:43 pm

It's so funny how there seems to articles popping up about how some labels seem healthy when they really may not be... DUH!

This article talks about sixteen misleading food labels, including all natural, sugar free, zero trans fats, immunity booster, and fat free, just to name a few.

As someone who teaches people how to live healthier, all day, every day, here are some simple rules that I teach people that will help eliminate loads of confusion at the grocery store:

  • Add, Don't Eliminate : Instead of focusing on what you what shouldn't be eating, add 1- 3 new vegetables to your diet each week. Kale, broccoli, spinach are all great because they help clean your system from the inside out. Eventually you'll see that your taste for lots of sugary processed foods will change naturally (i.e you'll start craving them less).
  • Eat from the Natural Rainbow : When you're picking your fresh fruits and veggies, buy a little from each color - the whites (cauliflower), the yellows (turnip), the oranges (carrots), the purples (berries), and greens (green beans), and every color in between. Each color represents a different type of nutrient, so your system is more likely to get what it needs
  • Drink Water and Minimize Juices and Sodas : As North Americans especially, we aren't as hydrated as we should be. We all need to be reminded to choose water over juices, as it helps maintain our optimal levels of health. I've found that just not buying it helps you reach for that glass of tap (or purified) water.   
  • Eat More Raw : By eating more raw fruits and especially veggies, the natural enzymes contained within help with digestion, therefore putting less strain on your own body. You'll also find that over time, because your body is getting more nutrients, you end up eating less.

Remember that the "healthy" labels are only listed on processed foods. The more you minimize the amount of food that comes from a box, the better your health will be... Keep in mind that food is our fuel; garbage in means garbage out.

What will you choose? 


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