Elizabeth Edwards Makes Gut Wrenching Decision To End Cancer Treatment

Author: Jill Asher
Published: December 07, 2010 at 11:50 am

Four years ago, I had the rare and fortunate opportunity to meet Elizabeth Edwards for the first time, while she was promoting her book Saving GracesOne year later, I met her again. Her then-husband, John Edwards, announced his candidacy for President and she was on tour meeting with bloggers; Mom bloggers, to be precise.  Elizabeth reached out to Silicon Valley Moms Blog for a one-on-one meetup.  We had just a couple days to coordinate and invite 30 mom-bloggers in Silicon Valley to a "secret" location.  We knew that ANY topic was open to discussion and let's just say, we came there wanting to learn more about why we should elect John to the White House.

This was before all the brouhaha of John's assorted affairs, a love child and infidelity.  However, it was already known that Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  Gingerly, we approached the topic of her health and how the treatment was working.  We wanted to respect her privacy, though this was on the top of our collective minds.  Could she battle and fight her illness, while serving in the White House?

While sitting next to Elizabeth, it immediately struck me that I wanted Elizabeth to be our First Lady.  I wanted her fighting for healthcare for all, quality education for every child and restoring our authority and credibility as a nation to the entire world.  I could think of no better person for this enormous job.

Through the years, I have followed Elizabeth in the press.  A year ago, I watched Elizabeth speak at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference about grief, and prayed that the meds were somehow working.  Although breast cancer is a horrific battle, I was hoping that her doctors could keep this illness under control.  I think the entire country has been sending positive energy and support her way.  Although I am not the most religious person, I do believe in miracles.  Don't we all?

Driving home last night from work, I heard on the radio that her cancer moved to her liver and that Elizabeth made a gut-wrenching decision to stop all treatment.  Apparently in September 2010, Elizabeths' health went into a rapid decline. The breast cancer spread to her liver and has reached the point where medical treatment could no longer help.

Though I should not have been surprised, I was.  I somehow was expecting her to beat this illness with all the grace and poise she could muster.

May her final days be peaceful and surrounded by loved ones.  





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