Making Fitness a Family Affair

Author: Christina
Published: April 19, 2010 at 2:20 am

1-1256217176zbgk In the past few years both my husband and I have gained a little weight.  Part of the weight came when we both quit smoking and part of it came simply from poor choices and a lack of exercise.  But, recently we decided it was time to make some changes. 

We didn't want anything too drastic, too limiting, or too processed.  We honestly just wanted to take it day by day and learn to make healthier choices.  We wanted to learn to live healthier for the long term and just hoped that weight loss might be a benefit.  

So we made a commitment to do this as a family.  

We sat down with our children, ages 5, 4, and 2, and talked to them about learning to make healthier choices.  We gave them examples of how to pick something healthier to eat.  Apple or potato chips? Soda or water?  Watching TV or doing something active in the backyard?  

This was a fairly easy adjustment for them considering we always tried to keep them on the healthy track.  We limited their juice and treats and tried to keep them involved in at least one extracurricular that required physical activity. We allowed the children to have more choice at the grocery store.  They were allowed to pick out fruits and vegetables they wanted to try.   It was more of an adjustment for the adults, but we knew we couldn't continue to hype on them to be healthy without making the commitment ourselves.  

We also decided that we needed to get active as a family.  We decided to start walking in the evening with the kids, the dog, and the stroller.  This is no easy feat in a neighborhood that has no sidewalks. But, we believe we need to power through.  What amazed us the most is that on our first family walk the kids were thrilled to take turns walking the dog.  They kept trying to push us to walk further and very rarely complained of being hot, thirsty, or tired.  They were such troopers!

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