I'm Finally Going to the White House

Author: J.J. Newby
Published: March 17, 2010 at 8:28 am

IStock_000006174074XSmall The first time I ever saw our nation's capital (and Capitol) was when my husband and I moved here in 2002.  It was a particularly moving time to do so — so closely after the 9/11 attacks, when everything was still proudly draped with the American flag and everyone wore a red, white and blue ribbon.  And yet while patriotism was running high, so was security --  as new physical barriers went up, public access decreased significantly.

JavaDad drove me around pointing out monument after monument, but what I really wanted to see was the White House.  After all, the TV show West Wingwas in full swing at that time, and I just itched to see the real thing, in all its grandeur.  Though Capitol Hill is where things supposedly happen, it is the White House that we think of when those of us who didn't grow up here think of Washington, DC.  He slowed the car a little and said, "There it is."  Where?  "That's it!"  It was so far away, I had to squint to see it.  A very unsatisfying experience indeed.

We've gotten a little bit, but not much closer when we've visited DC on foot.  I was invited on a tour once, but couldn't go due to schedule conflicts, and this year when I would've been able to go, my group was told our Congressman couldn't get us a tour.  I have a fun and (to me) impressive circle of friends, but I'm not yet on the guest list for White House fetes (for either political party).  I keep checking my mailbox though, just in case.

But with a few clicks of the keyboard — something I know how to do well — I managed to win tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll, an event I've wanted to do for a long time.  It may only be the lawn, but at last, I will finally see the White House up close!  I will no longer feel like a small child with her nose pressed up against the proverbial glass window — I will actually see what I have dreamed of seeing, and better yet, I will see it with my own children for their first time as well.  Perhaps if I behave very nicely, one day I'll even be invited in!

This is an original DC Metro Moms Blog post.  When she's not stalking DC monuments, J.J. Newby aka JavaMom blogs at Caffeine And A Prayer.  Photo credit:  © istockphoto.com/Albert de Bruijn


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