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A Dad's Birth Story

Author: Dirk Rokicki
Published: September 06, 2011 at 10:21 pm

How did your family begin? In all likelihood, it began with a birth. Maybe it was your own birth, or the birth of your child.  

It’s an amazing event, birth. Mothers and babies separate from each other in one way, but become so much more connected in another. The child comes into the world, and meets everyone for the first time. The mother gets to see and touch and hold this creature, this person, who’s been tumbling around inside of her for so long that it just became "how things are".

What about Dad, Daddy, Father or Pops? Where is he? What does he see? Think? Feel? Considering the number of male bloggers out there, cross referenced with the number of births, there should be thousands upon thousands of easily found birth stories by men. Well, here’s mine.

My wife and I have a wonderful, healthy, hairy little boy. He is now six weeks old. We went from marriage to ‘not trying’ to ‘not not trying’ and then to pregnant in what seems like a heartbeat. Two heartbeats later, we have a son named Alexander. He’s already smarter than I am.

We spent about a half of those heartbeats doing research. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should point out that my wife did most of the research. We read books, we spoke with doctors, doulas, midwives . . . ad infinatum.

I’m a traditional western male in many ways, whereas Pati is a naturalist. We did end up opting for a home birth. After being involved with one that did experience complications, and knowing how things might get complicated, I felt (and feel) confident that it was the right choice for us. 

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