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3 Reasons Why Tutoring Is More desirable Than Classroom Teaching - Page 2

Author: John Chartrand
Published: December 02, 2011 at 11:36 am

3. Aligning Teaching and Learning Styles

The tutor's ability to apply a teaching style directly in line with the student's learning style is something that the classroom teacher is not able to do effectively. When the classroom teacher provides instruction to a classroom of students, the teacher uses a style of teaching that best suits the teacher and not the students. On the other hand, a tutor tutoring one on one can teach the student in the best manner most suited to the individual student and not have the disadvantage of a classroom full of students who have learning styles different from one another.

The higher the ratio of pupils to teachers, the less attention the individual student is receiving. For many students this does not become a contributing factor, but many students depend upon greater personal attention and this can only be achieved with tutoring instruction outside the classroom one on one.


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