Time Passes in the Barbershop

Author: Don Martelli
Published: March 28, 2011 at 4:51 pm

If you have ever spent time in a barbershop, you know that it tends to be a place where the people sitting in the chair speak to the person cutting the hair.

They talk about all types of things: people, issues, politics, neighborhood, etc. No topic is off the table.

This video, "Through the Middle," is an observational documentary, following the slow decline of an aging barber and his business.

Mr S, as he's called, faces the reality that he stands as the third and final generation to sustain a family business that has spanned a century. He's nearing retirement and his business is declining.

Throughout the film, customers talk about the ever-changing city life. From a recent graduate looking for work, to a retired local who distrusts the social system, insight is given into an array of perspectives on a bleak and dismal landscape.

"Through the Middle," as the description reads, "pieces these stories together, giving the viewer an insight to how people interact with the cities built around them."

Through the Middle from Clouded Vision on Vimeo.


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