New Rival for Rebecca Black? Zachary Freiman’s Bar Mitzvah Video

Author: John Egan
Published: March 28, 2011 at 9:41 pm

Oy vey! You thought Rebecca Black’s Friday video was awful and annoying. Now, readers, welcome to the music video made for Zachary Freiman’s bar mitzvah. (For those of you who are gentiles, a bar mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony marking a boy’s passage into adulthood.) Since being posted on YouTube by Zack’s dad, Scott Freiman, the video – which includes an homage to Robert Palmer’s classic Addicted to Love video – has been viewed more than 266,000 times (as of March 28). Zack is a 13-year-old student at Solomon Schecter School in Hartsdale, N.Y. The bar mitzvah tune, I’m Zack, features this refrain: “I’m Zack. Stand back. Class act. And I’m sure you’ll agree ... Unique. Tres chic. The peak of fabulosity. Don’t you wish that you could be … Zachary?” Uh, no. OK, so he’s not in the same league as Lady Gaga or Eminem. But is Zack in the same league as Rebecca Black? You be the judge … fun video or music flop?


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