A What...iPhone 4S Pandemonium in China?

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: January 14, 2012 at 5:54 am

Everyone knows that Apple is one of the most recognized brand in the world. Apple products are expensive, but beautiful, nonetheless. How do Apple fans react when there's a new Apple product on the market?

Big Apple fans usually wait patiently on any inconveniences that may come their way just to get a hold of, or simply get a peek of, any Apple product launching whatever it is. That is usually the case, until a sad report yesterday at Apple's China store.

Reports has it that a huge number of people waited in line for several hours after being told of the sale of the iPhone 4S. It's reported that many people started lining up at the Apple store before midnight Thursday, but around six in the morning (China Time), the large crowd was told via megaphone that the iPhone 4S sale would not continue. After the announcement, the pandemonium started and angry Chinese Apple fans started throwing eggs at the Apple's flagship store in Beijing. A police station near the store dispersed police to control the crowd, according to reports. Some unruly customers got arrested in the process after the incident.

Being a big fan of technology isn't always beneficial, after all. The above incident is just a sample of the society meeting technology at its moderate best and moderate worst case scenarios. Ahhh technology, where are you taking us?


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