Wyoming Has Moved to the Cloud

Author: Allison Reilly
Published: June 23, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Wyoming has become the first state to fully migrate its state employees to the Google cloud of apps, saving the state up to $1 million a year. This is because it won't need to maintain some servers and will rely instead on secure remote servers operated by Google. The state also won't need to bother with figuring out how to update platforms, which Google handles.

"There's budget crises, there's technology that is being underfunded and getting older by the day, there are challenges with data security because of the legacy systems," said David Girouard, president of Enterprise Google. "Cloud computing really does present a better path forward. It's a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars, which everyone cares about. It's safer technology. Even better than that, it's technology that doesn't get old—you're never on an old version in cloud computing."

Cloud computing has a variety of uses, whether its for software as a service, data storage, or file backup. Surveys show that cloud computing may have its benefits, but enterprises are still reluctant to embrace the new technology.

All of the state government's 10,000 employees use Google Apps for Government, a platform that provides extra security to Google's business app suite: Gmail, Docs, Sites, Video, and Calendar.

Governor Matt Mead said this will free up staff time and improve how employees across different agencies and departments work together.

"It will provide us the opportunity to do our job better because we now have a better tool," he said in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. "For Wyoming, it's a big deal, and for Google, it's a big deal as well."

Google launched Google Apps for Government last July at the price of $50 per user, per year. Google took two additional steps to safeguard data: the company has located the servers serving its government customers solely within the United States, and the Google Apps for Government servers are also physically segregated from the servers provided for business customers. 



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