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Welcome to CES 2012: A Preview for Consumers and Techies!

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: January 08, 2012 at 6:46 pm

The technology industry, world consumers, and all techies alike, are getting hyper and bursting with excitement with the upcoming CES 2012, dubbed as the world's largest consumer technology trade show and the greatest tech show on earth!

As a technology news trendsetter and as a technology evangelist, I'll be happy to guide and navigate you on what to expect in the 2012 International CES on January 10-13, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whether this is your first time to hear about CES as a consumer, or this is your very first time as a techie to attend the CES, here are some opinions, assumptions and predictions that may happen on this year's Consumers Electronic Show.

First, I am expecting a lot of unveilings for both popular and not so popular PC manufacturers about Ultrabooks. Second, Fujifilm announcing its megazooms, plus their rugged and budget compacts collections. Third, a lot of gaming tech will be on feature. Fourth, tablet apps, and techno gears and toys, will also be featured. Fifth, showcase of wireless communication devices and augmented-reality enhanced home appliances will be on display. Sixth, Shelby TV announcing the first of its kind "Gesture-Remote". Seventh, Sony Ericsson unveiling its XPERIA Arc HD phone with 12MP camera, 1.5GHz processor and 8GB memory. Eight, a possible glare of the Lumia 900. Ninth, the unveiling of iShower water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Tenth, unveiling of Tablet gaming. Eleventh, Toshiba unveiling its "thinnest" 10-inch tablet. Twelfth, unveiling of OLED TV prototypes with extremely large screens. Thirteenth, unveiling of more 3D TV/3D movies, possibly including 4D TV/4D movies, too.

In addition, Microsoft has announced that their 2012 CES keynote will be their last, and Apple is noticeably missing from the exhibitors list. Hmmmn, I wonder why.

There you go, tech-hungry people of the world. Welcome to a sneak peek of the upcoming International CES 2012.


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