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The Skylight Smartbook: A Smart Purchase?

Author: Jeremiah Bourque
Published: January 05, 2010 at 3:41 pm

A freshly stamped and polished buzzword of the New Year: "smartbook."

Considered mid-way points between smartphones and a netbooks, smartbooks offer the best smartphone features (being always on, all-day battery life, 3G connectivity, GPS) with the conveniences of a netbook (larger screen, a proper keyboard, WiFi, a full web browser).

Aimed at users who want a full-featured and portable web and media device, the Lenovo Skylight is the first smartbook device based around Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip, using ARM architecture for low power operation. The end result is a device with a claimed 10 hours of active battery life that weighs in at under 2 pounds, has a 10-inch screen, and includes 20GB of onboard storage with an additional 2GB online.  

Like other devices using ARM architecture, the Skylight uses Linux, rather than a Windows, for an operating system. However, the customer only sees a software front-end customized for the Skylight, with features like dedicated web gadgets that allow users to visit sites like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube without having to remember passwords and log in every time.

Ninis Samuel, consumer marketing director at Lenovo: "There is no exposure of Linux to the customers. What we wanted to make is an interface that's completely custom and easy to use."

The Skylight will be available in the United States in April; it will go on sale in Europe and China later this year.

Lenovo, the world's fourth-largest PC maker, also announced various additions to its PC, notebook, and netbook lines.


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