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Author: Martin Smith
Published: May 25, 2011 at 5:19 am

A Different (Better) Kind of Jobs Fair
Tech Jobs Under The big Top on Technorati ScentTrailChris Heivly, one of MapQuest’s founders, is a smart, creative, generous guy. Chris’s latest “give back” gift to Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) residents, Tech Jobs Under The Big Top, premiered Tuesday May 24th at the American Tobacco Campus Bay 7 Durham, North Carolina. Tech Jobs Under The Big Top flipped job fair formats on their heads; about 500 people, job seekers and startup founders / CEO's / presenters, walked past peanut barrels into a large open room with small tables, balloons, acrobats, a small stage and a large screen. Tech Jobs Under The Big Top’s interesting job fair twist? Have startup entrepreneurs pitch jobseekers. 

Fifteen companies ranging from AdZerk to GeoMagic made three to eight minute presentations. Every aspect of startup life was in evidence including creative brilliance, technical glitches, successes, failures, fun, humor, passion and pathos. I loved Tech Jobs Under The Big Top. Many of attendees felt the same planning to recommend the next Big Top technology job fair to friends. Kudos to every company for, as founder Chris Heivly noted, paying to be part of Big Top’s experiment. Stand out presentations included:


"Web analytics suck,” SpringMetrics Co-Founder and CEO Doug Kaufman said. Could Doug have said a truer thing? “We create conversion metrics,” he explained. As a former E-Commerce Director I say Hallelujah SpringMetrics.


What do you call a site adding 70,000 bands a month? What site already has 1.3 million member bands generating 120 million page views a month? Who has grown 500% in the last year? Answer to all questions is ReverbNation.

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