Soon You Could Update Your iOS Device Over-the-Air!

Author: Aman Milwani
Published: May 06, 2011 at 8:16 am

Until now users have always used iTunes to update our iOS devices, but much to the delight of Apple users, this old tradition is finally going to come to an end.

HP and Google lets its users update their devices over the air and Apple is soon going to join that league.There are a lot of users, including me, who do not connect their iOS devices to their computer often.  To connect the device just for a software update does not sound pretty good for such users but since there was no other option they could not help it. Soon these users will be overjoyed .

According to the news by 9to5mac this trend of over-the-air update of iOS devices will begin with the iPhone starting in the fall. There are also rumors that suggest that Verizon and Apple are already negotiating deals for over-the-air iOS device update.

Until now there is no such news about Apple negotiating a similar deal with any other service provider anywhere in the world. Surprisingly AT&T is also in that list.
Some rumors also suggest that this new feature will debut with the iOS 5.

One big question that arises in the minds of many is how will any service provider let you perform a 600mb software update.(Apple iOS device update is approximately 600mb)? Apple will have to reduce the size of the OS or maybe Apple would have to provide patches during updates rather than a full OS download. Another thing that Apple could do is to let users update their iOS device via Wi-Fi .These are few solutions and it would be interesting to see which one Apple follows.

Now the question that arises is about the backup. I'm not quite sure how Apple is going to go about this, but there is a high possibility of Apple using its going-to-launch Cloud based service for backups.

Let's wait and watch what Apple does. As the reputation suggests, it will be worth the wait.


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