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Author: Martin Smith
Published: June 06, 2011 at 1:34 pm

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Why are recessions good times to start businesses? Are entrepreneurs braver when there is nothing to lose? Like Cortes do recession entrepreneurs burn their boats eliminating retreat? Does recession shake normally staid beliefs, consumer brand loyalty, so completely new options seem plausible and worth investigation? Are we experiencing a changing of the guard so profound and complete there is no precedent, no predetermined lever to pull go get back? If old values, business processes, marketing, sales and market creation tools are gone then what are the new tools? Hope, Heroes and Startups’ objective is to write “portraits” of technology startup entrepreneurs and their businesses discovering how a new generation of evangelical founders is changing the world. 

Shock of the New

Industries and brands that once seemed bigger than life and eternal are now scrambling to find a new way forward. Many were already in a free fall when the recession gave them an extra shove into the spiral of doom. Dozens of industries and brands that once seemed indestructible are now struggling to find solid footing in a changing world. - The Mesh by Lisa Gansky pg. 18

Creating unique value may be easier today, Gansky explains, because entrepreneurs can take advantage of billions in Internet and mobile infrastructure and tie into applications program interfaces (API's) from existing platforms such as Amazon, Google, Etsy, Twitter and Facebook. Our emerging "new economy" differs from the old many ways including:

Old Economy                New Economy
Economies of Scale Diseconomies of Scale
Face Time Results Orientation
Cubicles Digital Nomads
Venture Capital Bootstrapping
The Media Social Media
Commuting Location Independence
Corporate Ladder Passion and Hard Work
Specialization Generalization
Patents and Copyright Sharing and Mashups
Trade Secrets Transparency
Gatekeepers Gatejumpers
Corporate Greed Generosity and Caring
Competition Collaboration
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