Crowdsourcing and Idea Farming for Energy Management? - Page 2

Author: Doyle Buehler
Published: March 10, 2011 at 9:15 am

What's the difference between this site and any other competition site? Well, this is open to any and all ideas created by the consumer. No filters here. Show your stuff, and see if you know what you are talking about. Here it is about the idea and whether or not it has merit or not, not how many votes you get, how popular it is, how many times you entered, etc. It's only about the big idea. How creative, and yes, how practical is this idea? And, more importantly, can the idea actually be used?

Idea farming or crowdsourcing ideas is not a bad thing. We see many examples of this around the world already—it just comes down to properly compensating, in whatever manner necessary, the creators of these original works. GE is offering several prizes of up $500,000; plus up to $200 million is purported to be available for continuing the project development after the competition. GE gets some good ideas, involvement in "green" projects, and people get the opportunity to develop the ideas further. Could you get the same level and breadth of variety by doing something like this in-house? Probably not.

As a participant in this site, ideas are only as good as the paper they are written on. Most people realize that you actually have to do something with an idea to make it work—an idea itself is in fact of little actual value. GE appears to be doing just that by offering the exposure of the ideas to people who are in-tune with this sector, as well as funding to actually kick-start some of these ideas. As an idea merchant, it makes significantly more sense to get other people involved to be able to build a "solution," rather than trying desperately, and sometimes with many futile attempts, to make these projects work alone.

Look ahead to new examples of crowdsourcing for energy, as well as idea farming for complex solutions. The energy is out there. So are the ideas.


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