Booktango: A New Opportunity For Writers To Become Published

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: June 29, 2012 at 6:51 am

There has never been a better time for both aspiring and professional writers than right now. Citizen journalists are becoming figures that are seriously in the news business – their opinions have become invaluable and account for that of the majority.

People have taken to the net to start publishing their works of journalism as well as both fiction and non-fiction. Websites like Serial Jones publish high brow fiction on a regular basis for readers to enjoy.

What I’m trying to illustrate here is that the internet can be a place where you can find an extremely fascinating read.

With the advent of e-books, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of companies that are more interested in publishing of writers who are just starting out – or even those who are professionals and just have a lot to say.

Booktango takes the idea of e-book publishing and revolutionizes it by offering writers opportunities that no other e-book publisher is offering.

“We allow writers to publish their e-books using our website for free and they retain 100% of their royalties.” Chris Bass, director of marketing for Booktango said.

Wow! Really? Where is the catch?

Well, actually – that’s just about the size of it. There is no catch. So, what’s Booktango all about?

“We did some research before we came in to the market – we found that our competitors out there are not very user friendly. Some authors have described their experiences as uploading a manuscript and having it put through the meat grinder. We really saw the opportunity to come in and make an easy-to-use interface.”

Booktango launched earlier this year – they are part of the company Author Solutions and the response has been positive.

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