Apple Is Taking Over The World - Infographic

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: April 30, 2012 at 3:30 pm

It's no surprise for anyone that Apple (AAPL) is totally kicking butt when it comes to company value. After Apple passed earnings estimates for a second straight quarter, setting another company record, it almost seems as though Apple is a Juggernaut which cannot be stopped. Others feel that Apple is still riding on the coat tails of genius left behind by their late co-founder Steve Jobs, who had been working on several new products until his passing in 2011. Those products include the rumored Apple 'Smart' TV, the new iPad (3rd generation currently on the market), and the next iPhone (iPhone 5).

When someone thinks "CEO", they look at the model CEO, Steve Jobs, who led Apple from having almost nothing in the bank to being the most valued company in the U.S. The following question comes up often, 'Just how valuable is Apple?' Thankfully, Best Computer Sciences Degrees has put together a few statistics to make us aware of just how big they are in a new infographic just released.

The infographic shows that Apple has been valued over $508 Billion which is $100 more than the next largest company in the U.S. whom you may have heard of...Exxon. It goes on to show us that Apple's iOS devices have almost sold more products than all automobiles combined since 2008. Have a look at the infographic at the source link below to see more.

Source: Best Computer Science Degrees


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