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Mobile Searches On The Rise – A Fantastic Opportunity For Advertisers!

Author: martin ebongue
Published: October 10, 2011 at 6:00 pm

SmartphonesThe mobile market has been skyrocketing for some time now. As users migrate to mobile platforms, it is important for digital marketers and professionals to jump on the bandwagon if they want to keep or increase their market shares.

Here are some statistics published on October 7th 2011 on searchengineland.com:

  • Mobile paid searches spend have increased 9 fold in less than a year!
  • The overall Click Through Rate on mobile devices was 37% higher than desktops!
  • Surprisingly enough, Ad spent on tablets account for none less than 77% of all mobile devices!
Based on these Interesting statistics, what orientation can we predict for SEO?

If searchers on iPads, and other tablets are skyrocketing, and are expected to be on the rise for years to come, advertisers and SEO professionals have to adapt to survive. In order to take advantage of the opportunities before others do, you should consider optimizing your website for mobile browsers. 

Here is what I would recommend you to do:

  • Mobile users are short on screen space; the most important information on your website should be at the top. Lots of scrolling to reach the information users are searching for is annoying.
  • Test your website to work with the mobile browsers (android, apple etc…) and use commercial previsualization tools to fine-tune your code for each platform
  • Google allows you to submit a separate XML sitemap for mobile devices so take advantage of that opportunity.
  • Capitalize on the ability to add a “Click to call” telephone number so that mobile users can immediately call (your conversion rate increases too!).
  • Check the size of your images so that they fit the size of the screen 
  • Animation for mobile browsers – it’s a good idea not to use too many animations – it takes forever to load!

The evolution of Smartphones has paved the way for a whole new advertising platform type, which has been the most popular web browsing platform in 2011.

So, if you are not yet optimized for smart phones, it’s high time you got smart and start working on mobile optimization!


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