Amazon Appstore Evolving, Adds App Preview

Author: James Cohen
Published: March 28, 2011 at 7:16 am

The Amazon Appstore for Android has only been online for just under a week, but the online giant seems to be out to prove they are here to stay. When the official name for the store was announced, Apple, Inc. quickly sued Amazon over the usage of the term “App Store”, claiming trademark infringement and seeking an injunction to block the usage of the name. Undaunted, Amazon launched their new store anyway, and are quickly attempting to break into the lucrative App market.

Amazon’s latest offering has had to overcome some difficulties thus far, with a fairly cumbersome integration for existing android devices. To enable downloads on most devices, the user must follow an 8 step procedure to allow apps from “unknown sources” to be installed. This slight roadblock is actually a security feature within Android that was intended to prevent potentially dangerous apps from being installed, forcing the user to use the native Android Market. For many novice users, the security warning they’ll see could be enough to stop them in their tracks. After Google recently was forced to remove 50 programs from their service due to malware infection however, the comparative danger is actually minimal.

Now, showing off their longstanding mastery of online sales tactics, Amazon is raising the bar by adding a test drive feature that will allow potential buyers the ability to try out their Apps on their computer before purchasing. When visiting from a PC, Amazon customers will be able to choose the App they are considering and launch the program in an emulator, which mimics an Android device and lets them test out an App free of charge. This functionality is designed to showcase Apps in a fairly unique fashion, while raising the comfort level of consumers that are typically overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices in the seemingly endless App world.

With the rapid development in the Amazon Appstore, many device manufacturers should begin shipping new devices with the necessary features enabled to use it. Once the new service gains acceptance and traction, the platform has the potential to finally place Android Apps on an equal footing with those sold in the now ubiquitous Apple App Store.


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