Will Another Playoff Disappointment Cause Brett Favre to Retire?

Author: Patrick Hayes
Published: January 25, 2010 at 1:23 pm

Many recent memories of Brett Favre in the playoffs involve him making boneheaded mistakes that have cost his teams wins.

Sunday's loss to New Orleans was no different, as a Favre interception late in regulation cost the Vikings a chance at what would've been a game-winning field goal, instead losing in overtime.

Since Favre has retired about 15 times now, it's only natural that questions about his future immediately arose after the game:

Live by Favre, die by Favre. The Packers know it. He ended his career up there with a pick. The Jets know it – they lost four of five to end the season and miss the playoffs in his one year in New York. The Vikings experienced the late-game pain yesterday. Minnesota would be wise to give him until early April to make up his mind.

If we've learned one thing about Brett Favre through all of his retire/unretire dramatics, it's that he loves him some Brett Favre. There is one reason he will play again in Minnesota next season: stats.

Unlike in Green Bay, where he was surrounded by an iffy offensive line (look at the pounding Aaron Rodgers has taken the last two years) and the Jets, where he didn't have much talent to work with on offense, the Vikings are loaded.

Favre will have the benefit of playing behind one of the best offensive lines in the league, with arguably the best running back in the league and weapons all over the field in Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian and Visanthe Shiancoe. Imagine if Favre played one or two more years. He could possibly put passing records so far out of reach that Peyton Manning would be the only quarterback with a realistic shot at touching most of them.

The Vikings will remain a Super Bowl contender next year as well, so the appeal of another playoff run for a QB who remained healthy throughout the season will be too big a draw to chase Favre away.


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