Roenick Takes a Cheap Shot at Marleau After Humilliating Defeat

Author: John Corippo
Published: May 10, 2011 at 9:13 am

The San Jose Sharks suffered one of the worst moments a sports franchise can experience Sunday night in their loss to the Red Wings. They had Detroit down for the count. It was a standing KO! Up 3-1 early in the third period and everyone was looking forward to the potential match-ups in the conference finals.

And they CHOKED! Three, count them 1-2-3 unanswered goals slipped past Antti Niemi and the series is going back to Hockeytown.

However the shots kept coming for one of the Sharks players from versus commentator Jeremey Roenick when he twice called Patrick Marleau "gutless" in his performance. Roenick has since cause a blizzard of reaction from fans, and NHL personnel on these remarks. Here's the bottom line...he expressed what he thought. That is what he is getting paid to do, give his opinion on the game, the series and the playoffs.

I don't really see how anyone could disagree with him about Marleau's play. As a face of the franchise, he has pretty much been a non-factor in this series. So are people upset that Roenick might have hurt Patrick's feelings? This is a sport where fighting is allowed. Actual closed fist punching to the face fighting!

I'm sure Marleau didn't lose any sleep over Roenick's comments. In fact it might make help him in this playoff run if it continues (which I think it might all the way to a Stanley Cup hoist for the Sharks — all the more sweeter considering Roenick couldn't ever get the job done in his time in San Jose).

I don't see why people are all up in arms about Roenick. Sure he plunged a knife in the back of a former teammate. What is classless? Maybe. The one thing that it did do is get some people's attention that might not have been interested in hockey at all. I bet game 6's rating are going to be much better than any other game in the series so far. So in his own way Roenick was just doing his job and doing it well. He has added some color to this series and given fans another reason to watch. I mean after all isn't that what a color commentator is paid to do?


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