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Author: Nicolas Lewis
Published: May 20, 2010 at 7:21 pm

There are so many images that stick out in my mind, but Tyler sitting next to Jeremy at dinner, comfortable and happy talking about football, baseball, hunting, fishing and so many other things will always be one of the best. It was Mother’s Day that day and to see your kid have the time of his life with a hero of his is the best present a mom can get."

And how does Tyler feel about all this? About as happy as you’d expect for a kid who got to meet a guy who he now considers “the best football player in the world.”


“[Playing catch with Shockey was] awesome dude, the best thing ever! I really wanted to throw the football with him, but I was nervous because I didn’t want to drop the ball - I missed some though.”

As for learning new things about his favorite player ever? Just the basics.

“He can eat a lot of food,” Tyler said. “And he likes Iron Man and fishing and so do I.”

One last word from Denise to bring us home:

"I would like for everyone to know that Jeremy Shockey truly touched my son's life in a very positive way. He was nothing like i expected him to be. He's aggressive on the football field, and off the field the person we met was easy going and fun. How often does a 10 year old kid get to meet a hero of his and have that hero be even better than he imagined? He picked us up, showed us around town and took us to dinner.

He even took me to get a memorial tattoo for my late husband and found the time to throw the football with my son. We were expecting dinner and that would have been more than enough, but as I've said to others, he went above and beyond that. As a mother of a very happy child, he will always have my respect and gratitude. "


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