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Hope For The Future: Same Old Sinking Ship

Author: Dwayne Dunham
Published: May 04, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Welcome to our latest series, wherein we detail why each of the teams who managed to miss the playoffs can hope for better days in the near future. Well, probably, anyway.

Another season in the books, another losing record for the Los Angeles Clippers. For the fourth straight season, the Clip Show heads to the NBA Lottery. But we here at Technorati are about looking on the bright side of things, so let's sort through this mess known as the Los Angeles Clippers.

Assists: The Clippers were playing pretty decent ball to start the season, riding a four-game winning streak over Portland, the Lakers, and Miami. This put them at 17-18, and even better, it was looking as if #1 draft pick Blake Griffin was appearing to return. Chris Kaman made the All-Star team, Eric Gordon was playing very well, and Baron Davis (and his beard) were extremely unselfish. When this team was healthy, the Clippers looked pretty good.

Turnovers: Injuries, Donald Sterling, and inconsistency in the front office are major reasons why the Clippers constantly lose all the time. Like I said, when they were healthy, they were good, which wasn't often enough. The injury to Griffin right before the season set the tone. As hard as he tried to come back, it was wise to shut him down and prepare him for next season. The front office needs to be reorganized, and Donald Sterling needs to get an individual that knows how to run a team and get the right coach to get these players motivated.

One would think that seeing the Lakers' banners would inspire the Clippers. Even the Los Angeles Sparks have more banners than the Clippers. Los Angeles went 12-35 in the final 47 games after that 17-18 start. Mike Dunleavy was relieved as coach and later fired as GM. The Clippers went 8-25 under interim head coach Kim Hughes as they never responded to his coaching.

Final Score: The Clippers need to find consistency from the front office on down. As long as Donald Sterling owns this team, they will never find that consistency, and have suffered so much disappointment as a result. The players need to figure out if they want to be there long-term and commit to the team. If they can get some kind of stability in these areas, they will improve. Still a long ways away, though.



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