Former Liverpool Boss Benitez Believes United Success Down to Money

Author: Chakma A
Published: October 14, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Manchester United faithfuls would most probably not like to buy former Merseysiders boss Rafael Benitez’s opinion with regard to the recent success enjoyed by Sir Alex Ferguson’s Reds. Benitez hardly attributes the managerial skills of Ferguson or his personality for the enviable run of success boasted of at Old Trafford. However, the Spaniard likes to believe that it’s all down to the money; every year, United have been very well off which is why they were always able to afford the best side, eventually to reap the benefits of owning a good team. In a way, Benitez’s opinion is suggestive of support for the concept that money can guarantee success in football at the highest level.

Former Liverpool boss’s insinuations have come in just ahead of this weekend’s Reds derby; Liverpool versus Manchester United. Could it be another one of those mind games unfurling in anticipation of a marquee clash that people often talk about? Interestingly, Benitez sounds like he does not think too much of so-called mind games when he talks of such an implication. He claimed that the mind games did not impact on him. While as, he prefers to stamp the fact that interviews or press conferences have no bearing on another manager, but it all boils down to how good a team the manager has at his disposal. According to Rafa, mind games can have an effect perhaps one in 100 times.

Although Benitez and Ferguson were known to have hurled verbal salvos toward each other down the years, one would have expected the former to give some credit to the latter given the fact that Manchester United had swooped on three Premier League titles during the Spaniard’s tenure at Anfield, and twelve titles in all under the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson.


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