Despite Mental and Physical Woes Brett Favre Wants to Play Sunday

Author: Caroline Higgins
Published: October 27, 2010 at 9:08 pm

Since the texting scandal, all eyes have been on Brett Favre, and the attention continued through Monday night despite the Vikings loss to the Green Bay Packers. As the game ended, all cameras focused on Favre, following the limping Viking quarterback off the field, through the tunnel and into the Vikings locker room. Occasionally a green Packer uniform crossed the cameras, but that was only when they were on their way to give Favre a pat on the back.

In the victorious Green Bay locker room, head doach, Mike McCarthy, stepped up to the podium, looked around, and commented, “Where the hell is everybody, we won.” The answer, of course, was simple; everyone wanted to be part of the Favre show, as that’s where the story had been all week.

The media surrounded Favre, as he gingerly approached the podium, obviously in pain. “I take a lot of pride and ownership in all fazes of the game. You feel like you’ve let everybody down and I’m no spring chicken, but I know my heart is in the right place,” he said. Then, he turned, and the very defeated looking ‘ol gunslinger limped down the stairs, and out of the room.

The 41-year-old Favre was later diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left ankle as well as an “avulsion” fracture in the heel bone. An avulsion fracture occurs when a fragment of bone is torn away by a tendon or ligament. Although neither injury with require surgery, he is in a great deal of pain, with his return being uncertain.

As everyone knows, the physical pain is the least of Favre’s issues. He is faced with the investigation by the NFL regarding allegations that he sent lewd photos and text messages to Jenn Sterger, a former 2008 New York Jets employee. He recently admitted that he had left her voicemails, but denies the suggestive photos and texts. If he is found guilty, under the league’s personal conduct policy, he may face suspension. As of Monday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said there was nothing to report regarding the investigation. The hold up appears to be that Jenn Sterger refuses to speak with the NFL, and has in fact hired an attorney.

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