Crime in the NFL? Dig Deep into the Data with Best Tickets Blog

Author: Steve Woods
Published: August 08, 2013 at 10:11 pm

There are tons of sports blogs that focus on the surface of a story and then move on to the next, following one viral wave after another. Technorati top 100 Football listing Best Tickets Blog deserves high praise for definitely NOT following the herd, and instead latching onto the very important idea of finding its own blogging niche.

Long after typical sports writers have dove back in for new material, you'll find the writers of Best Tickets Blog digging ever deeper into the data, coming up with an incredible wealth of information to ponder, post after thought-provoking post. This deeper and stunning multimedia look into the intersection of sports, life and entertainment is Best Ticket Blog's niche, and they own it well.

With over 30 NFL athletes finding themselves well on the wrong side of the law, Best Tickets Blog recently dug deep to find out if this is a disturbing trend, or simply business as usual for the gridiron gang. Their response is Crime in the NFL, a lengthy post written by Andrew Powell-Morse, and definitely worth a read.

Morse breaks down the types of crimes and percentages in the NFL, violent versus victimless crimes, frequency of offense by month, crime numbers versus team and position, and even acquittals versus convictions.

Want to see what else they've crunched the data on?

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Have you found your blog's niche yet? If not, take Best Ticket's Blog example to heart, and rediscover what you truly love, reshaping your blog around it.


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