Posterous Takes on Yet Another Rival

Author: Don Martelli
Published: June 30, 2010 at 1:16 pm


Posterous is the blogging platform that's built on email. Its simplicity is genius, yet the company finds itself in the middle of a gutsy campaign to take on other — and arguable more used — services like Tumblr and Ning.

The company wants to get users to move to its platform and, as a result, is making that switch easier.

Yesterday, Posterous set its sights on TwitPic with the introduction of a two-click TwitPic importer.

The TwitPic Switch to Posterous page instructs users to “rescue your photos from a TwitPic,” which insinuates that the Twitpic service is inadequate.

Just like the Posterous services, the Posterous TwitPic importer is as simple to use as each of the other import options. All users will have to do is simply enter the URL of their TwitPic profile, complete the Twitter OAuth process, and Posterous will begin the import process.

Users don't have to worry about their TwitPic photos as they will remain on the site, but copied over to Posterous. Users will receive an e-mail when the import process is complete.

This move is yet another attempt by Posterous to take on some other players in the social content space, Vox, Xanga, Active Rain, Ning and Tumblr.

This is an interesting approach by Posterous as, once users start to leverage the service instead of others, they might make the switch. However, change is often difficult, especially asking users to move content from one to the other.

What do you think? Have you tried the import service?


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