Phishing Attack Hits Twitter (Again)

Author: Bradford Schmidt
Published: February 02, 2010 at 8:59 am

TwitterTwitter users, it's happening again. There's a large scale phishing attack going on, and it's already apparently been successful enough that Twitter has taken steps to lock user accounts and send out emails requesting that users change their passwords.

Which, of course, makes things more confusing since emails telling you to change your password are how most phishing attacks are mounted, and tend to scare the crap out of people.

According to at least one blogger, though, there is a legit email going out from Twitter making such a request.

My suggestion? If you get the email, hit Twitter directly in your web browser and see if you can gain access - if not, it's probably a legit and they've changed your password.  Copy the letter into plain text in a text editor to make sure there are no hidden links, then use the enclosed link to reclaim access to your account.

Because we all want to hear about how you're going to the store for sneakers.


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