Four Personality Traits of a Successful Social Media Community Manager - Page 3

Author: Juliana Crispo
Published: June 01, 2010 at 5:29 pm

They listen and take suggestions and criticism as they should but they also know when to put their foot down and not act on their boss's suggestions that they believe will not work. Conviction that their experience has taught them what works and the ability to assure others within the organization the same is critical.

4. Compassionate: Being compassionate comes out in the tone of all things digital. The compassionate community manager listens to the conversation and engages as appropriate with the knowing that the customer is always right.

In the same way that community managers need to be mid-tempered to control a hasty negative response, they also need to be compassionate and enthusiastic in their message that they want to help and improve. They want to demonstrate that the brand needs that customer and they are so happy the customer was willing enough to say something and finally they are happy that they can take this information and do something about it.

When problems arise or negative comments get thrown your community manager's way, this individual needs to be able to respond compassionately.

While only your organization should define the responsibilities and skill requirements of your social media community manager, it is critical that you look beyond their resumes to see that prospects embody all these traits.  

If this individual has the experience and skills being a social capitalist for brand's SMO and they embody a balance of these traits, you can be sure that you have found a very strong candidate to grow and manage your social media communities. 


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