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Author: Steve Holt
Published: November 08, 2010 at 5:52 pm

4. Facebook Places simply doesn’t have the features and ‘richness’ of location-based check-ins that Foursquare does… yet.

And that is my point with this post. With Facebook Deals they are taking one step closer to Foursquare.

By allowing businesses to add ‘Deals’ to their Place pages inside Facebook, they are taking away one of the strategic benefits (in my mind) for businesses using Foursquare, namely, the ability to provide incentives for individuals to ‘check-in’ to their location using Foursquare so they can get the ‘special’.

I have used these Foursquare specials many times, and it is like finding that money in your pocket that you forgot about. It is pretty darn neat.

With Facebook Deals, the game is now afoot! In fact, there are numerous types of deals that you can create, which goes beyond what can do with your Foursquare specials.

But Foursquare has its own big plans for the future, and they aren’t sitting on their laurels. So this cage fight is getting really interesting to me. And I can’t seem to take my eyes off it.


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