Did Video Really Kill The Radio Star?

Author: Chris Collier
Published: November 25, 2010 at 7:38 am

I know, it’s a slightly provocative headline but in many ways it fits my purpose. On 1st August 1981 Buggles’s “Video Killed The Radio Star” became the first music video played on MTV, and a new age of visual entertainment was born. However, some twenty-nine years later pure audio broadcasting is still going strong.

It’s at this point I should declare my bias.

As a podcast producer I’m passionate about spoken word broadcasting. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the visual content – the fact that 100% of my podcasting output is movie related goes some way to proving that – but it just isn’t the same. The reason being, many of the video podcasts that I see don’t actually need any visual element. Most would be better served and far more accessible as pure audio, but I would say that, wouldn’t I?

For me, there are few greater discoveries on the internet than a new podcast and there’s no greater disappointment than when a podcast feed runs dry. This “podfading” can occur for any number of reasons but a key factor in almost every scenario is that producing a podcast takes quite a lot of time. Enter Cinch!

As the name suggests, the aim of CinchCast.com is to make creating and sharing audio as easy as possible. This it does to great effect. You simply create an account, and as long as you can get audio into your computer by some means, you’re broadcasting.

That’s not the best thing though. If you have a phone, and I’m not just talking about smartphones – there are apps available for both iPhone and Android – but any phone, you can dial in your broadcast. This gives broadcasters the opportunity to put out content in an incredibly timely manner; Robert Scoble used this to great effect when he interviewed Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month.

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