Cash Flash on Facebook Brings Thieves a'Knocking

Author: Steve Woods
Published: May 28, 2012 at 2:12 pm

If you thought showing a little too much cleavage in a Facebook share was TMI, here's a story about why you shouldn't let it all hang out, financially...

A seventeen-year-old Southern Highlands, Australia teen was helping count her grandmother's enviable stash of cash in Sydney, when the share-bug caught hold. She decided to snap a pic and show the cash, gangsta-style, on Facebook. (Not the photo above, but doesn't she look great?)

Trollers on the social network discovered the big-money flaunt, and with some rudimentary scrolling research figured out the Canberra-area address where the girl lived (not her grandmother's place). Just seven hours after the photo made an appearance, two masked men armed with knives and clubs showed up at the girl's mother's home and demanded the cash.

After tearing through the poor mother's house, only a small amount of cash and a few minor valuables were taken. The mother, fortunately, was left unharmed during the mistaken plundering.

Police, of course, have provided warnings to those of us reading about the robbery to not over-share on social networks. This advice, of course, stands true not only for cold-hard cash, but also still, for cleavage...

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