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Blog Focus on Kindle for Mac OS X Release

Author: Warren Patrick
Published: March 18, 2010 at 10:36 am

Amazon announced today that their Kindle e-reader platform was now available for the Mac OS X desktop (Intel-based machines only). We rounded up some of the reactions to this unexpected announcement from some of the top bloggers on the web.

Ross Miller at Engadget reports that the software offers very little surprises: "Nothing too fancy, it does exactly what you'd expect in terms of functionality... and not much else. What else is there to say?"

Harry McCracken at Technologizer opines that he would "like to see a company with access to as many books as these two release reader apps that are truly slick and full-featured."

Michael Rose at TUAW seems a little more impressed, though he mirrors some of the above sentiment: "It's definitely no-frills, but it's good to see that the Mac app for Kindle reading is finally seeing the light of day, although it's too bad PowerPC and Tiger users are left out of the fun." (As an owner of a PowerPC G5, I definitely feel this pain.)

Dan Frommer at Business Insider asks where the iPad edition is? This line of questioning is a little premature though. The iPad doesn't ship for a few more weeks. Why release an app for a platform that nobody owns? I'm sure we'll see something appear around the launch of the device.

So we'd like to see a more robust feature set, PowerPC and Tiger support, and an iPad version. What else is the new Kindle for Mac missing? Is it a worthwhile addition to the Kindle line of products?


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