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Blog Focus on Corey Haim's Death

Author: Warren Patrick
Published: March 10, 2010 at 10:17 am

Actor Corey Haim, best known as one half of "the two Coreys" alongside Corey Feldman and for his work in The Lost Boys, died Wednesday of a "possible drug overdose." Given Haim's rocky past, that "possible" drug overdose is more like a probable one, but we'll let the coroner's do their thing before making any assumptions on that front. If there's one thing we can count on from the internet, it's that there'll be no shortage of celebrity obituaries scattered across the blogosphere. Here's a brief sampling:

Gabe Delahaye at Videogum writes that Haim "seems like one of the purest examples of Hollywood’s gnashing, dissatisfied maw, eagerly rendering human lives into messy, broken piles of cocaine-soaked pulp."

Deeky at Shakesville called Haim "one of [his] first crushes," remarking that he "cannot tell you how many times [he's] seen The Lost Boys. Or Lucas. Or Prayer of the Rollerboys. Or Dream a Little Dream. Or License To Drive."

Scott Weinberg at Cinematical reflected that Haim "was always a welcome face on the movie screen … He was funny and goofy and endearing. And then he vanished, partially because of drug problems, and probably (in large part) because he wasn't all that great of an actor."

Finally, we'll leave you with this strange little anecdote. A commenter at Metafilter tells a bizarre story about his own encounter with a young Haim:

When he was still a teenager, he put out a video diary called Me, Myself, and I. … I worked at a video store in Westwood, and we had a staff favorites shelf, but we put a lot of joke favorites up there. … We also put Haim's video up there for quite a while, until one day Corey Haim himself came into the store. He looked around the place for a while, finally noticed the staff favorites shelf, saw his own video, and quickly grabbed it. He marched up to the front and asked if he could buy it, and then did. We never saw him again. I presume he was searching for, and destroying, every copy of the film he could.


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