Bar None: Ivory Picks Melissa McCarthy as Host of Facebook’s ‘Soap Dish’

Author: John Egan
Published: November 07, 2011 at 6:24 pm

In terms of fame and fortune, Emmy-winning actress Melissa McCarthy is cleaning up.

Soap brand Ivory on Monday tapped McCarthy as its “spokesmom” and host of its new online community, “Soap Dish.” Ivory, a brand of consumer products powerhouse Procter & Gamble, said McCarthy will engage with women on “Soap Dish” and will “dish” about life’s “simple truths,” including motherhood, marriage and meatloaf.

“Soap Dish” is on Ivory’s Facebook page.

The McCarthy endorsement is part of Ivory’s rebranding campaign, which includes a new logo, updated packaging and fresh advertising. Ivory was P&G’s first mass-marketed brand.

McCarthy recently won an Emmy for her role on the CBS sitcom “Mike & Molly.” She also co-starred in the hit comedy film “Bridesmaids.”

“I grew up using Ivory, and that smell always reminds me of when I was a kid,” McCarthy said in a news release. “As a working mom of two, I love anything that simplifies my life. So when one bar of soap can handle backyard dirt, spaghetti hands and the unidentified crusty bits under my girls’ necks, I’m in.”

Ivory said it picked McCarthy for the endorsement deal based partly on her refreshing approach to being a wife and working mother of two.

“We couldn’t think of a better spokesperson for Ivory,” Jay Sethi, Ivory’s brand manager, said in a news release. “Melissa’s humor, simple charm and down-to-earth attitude fit with every bit of Ivory's persona. More than refreshingly honest and sincere, she is every woman and a modern mom, and we think our fans will absolutely love her.”

Ivory’s rebranding was launched in October. The campaign features TV, print and online ads, as well as social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

“Ivory is P&G’s oldest and most beloved brand, and while consumers relish in the nostalgia and heritage of the product, it’s time for a holistic reinvention of the brand as we work to touch and improve more consumers’ lives in more parts of the world more completely,” Sethi said in October. “We’ve answered the call for consumers wanting a ‘simple and clean’ solution, and the most powerful aspect of Ivory still remains the simplicity of the product.”


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