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Author: Tom Treanor
Published: November 15, 2011 at 9:18 am

2) Google Plus is a game-changer: For Guy Kawasaki, there's no "maybe" - he thinks it will change the game. “Google Plus is to Facebook like Macintosh is for Windows!”, he gleefully announced at Blog World. Chris and Guy think that Google has learned from its previous mis-steps and that it has too many levers to pull too grow usage (gmail, search invites to join) and resources to fall flat this time.

3) Google Plus is great for SEO: According to Chris and Guy, Google Plus content is indexed by Google (the leading search engine) quickly whilst Twitter or Facebook content are not indexed by Google Search.

Succeeding Online:

Peter Shankman, the founder of HARO (helpareporter.com) shared life lessons and advice during his keynote. Some highlights that are most relevant to social media included:

1) Be Transparent: Make sure you tell your audience what you do. Ask them for input. If you make mistakes, be transparent and fix the problem.

2) Practice Brevity: Learn to communicate well in short posts, sentences and blog posts. Attention spans are dwindling.

3) Don't Whine: People don't like whiners, so keep it to yourself!

4) Use Your Camera: Shoot a lot of pictures and use them in your content. You never know when you'll capture something really big or important!

I took quite a few lesson away from Blog World LA and I hope these points give you some new ideas for your business, your social media activities and your blog. For more information, here is the official Blog World post linking to 70+ wrap-ups and you can find more Blog World coverage here.



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