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Twitter Turd of the MONTH!

Author: Bill Schmalfeldt
Published: April 28, 2011 at 5:42 am

With two days left in the month of April, I think there is no question who deserves the honor of being named "Twitter Turd of the Month." It's THIS guy.

A more vile, disgusting, hate-mongering, racist clown you would be hard-pressed to find on the Internet.  But you know what?  I think that's just what this idiot is TRYING to be.  I mean, look at his picture.  It's obvious this idiot has a low-paying job, uses the computer in his Mommy's basement, and hasn't had a date in months... perhaps years.  I mean, you can almost SMELL the filth on this moron.  Maybe it's his abject loneliness that causes him to write such hateful things.

I mean, who — other than teenage girls — writes "lololol" in their Tweets anymore?  And what's with the caps lock, Jimmy?  Too hard to make your brain send commands to your fingers to shift when necessary?

Poor @prezobummer.  To be filled with such hate, to be such a smelly, dateless wonder with his shiny little ear ring in the left ear (I forget, does that signify he's a "top" or a "bottom"?), all alone in his little self-created prison where the bars are made of feces and he wallows in his own filth like the greasy little piggy he is.

See.  The gutter racism isn't enough for this filth.  Now, it has become necessary to repost pictures that allege to be Obama's mother posing for nude pictures, and to repost a story about some black farmers who felt — rightfully so — that they were ripped off by the USDA and got the money they had coming to them.  And then, again with the teenage girl "lol" and "lmassoff".  Is that what you are deep down inside, Prez?  An angry little teenage girl trapped in the body of a filthy white racist in your Mommy's basement?

See, the thing that set him off was last night when Lawrence O'Donnell took on the executives at NBC's entertainment division about their continued employment of Donald Trump after his overt, cowardly race-baiting.  NBC knows whether or not Trump is going to run for president.  They know if they have him committed to another season of "Celebrity Apprentice."  They've ALREADY said that "The Biggest Loser" and other shows will be returning to the NBC fall lineup.  Why not just put this all to rest and announce whether or not Trump's show is coming back.

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