Tea Parties Are Actually Unemployment Parties

Author: Matt Sussman
Published: March 27, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Yikes / Getty ImagesI've never understood the impetus behind going from town to town while protesting the same message. But the New York Times took their profilin' pen and illustrated some of those examples. The conclusion: they hate big government, but many of them are jobless and — gasp! — receiving handouts.

How does that work? You always see signs and ... well, women dressed like this, but they never have photos of tea partygoers calling into their unemployment offices to get their regular stipend. Much like convenience stores pop up in NASCAR track campgrounds, you could have food stamp kiosks in these huge rallies.

Or if the government really wants to silence these detractors, just give them a good paying job. Although since they're in Nevada, we can rule out leaf raking.


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