Russ For President In 2012?

Author: A Mohit
Published: November 28, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Is America ready for a Jewish President? A similar question was asked about a Catholic President when John Kennedy was running. The answer was yes then, and so it is now, and no individual deserves that honor more than outgoing Senator Russ Feingold.

In an article called Run, Russ, Run! Alexander Cockburn penned, “I urge him to decline any job proffered by the Obama administration and not to consider running as a challenger inside the Democratic Party. I urge him, not too long after he leaves the Senate, to raise – if only not to categorically reject — the possibility of a presidential run as an independent; then, not too far into 2011, to embark on such a course.”

I had earlier written, “Feingold was the sole senator to oppose the USA Patriot Act after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. He opposed Obama in his expansion of the war in Afghanistan, bailing out financial institutions in 2008, and the regulation of Wall Street this year (for failure of the law to go far enough to make real reforms), demonstrating his courage to stand against corporate America.”

Regardless, Cockburn stated, “A Wisconsin voter wrote me in the wake of the election, 'Feingold likely lost because his opponent’s ads, including billboards with pictures of him and Obama, as well as TV and radio ads, and last-minute phone bursts, convinced many voters that he has been a party-line Democratic insider all these years.' What an irony!”

Irony, indeed, no other Senator could be further from Obama in idealism, moral principles and willingness to fight for his own vision.

Master tactician Karl Rove is wringing his hands for the opportunity that would be presented to him on a platter by the next two years of lackluster Obama Presidency fostered by the gridlock in the House. However, if Feingold takes up Cockburn's suggestion and announces his desire to run, that would electrify the American political scene and create all kinds of polarization.

In fact, Cockburn went on to comment, “My view is that we have a champion in the wings and one whom I am sure George Soros would be only too happy to support. In fact, he’s a candidate who could rally not only Soros but the Koch brothers to his cause.”

This is no small statement.


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