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Racist Radio Station Takes a Brief Break from Scaring the White People to Report News

Author: Bill Schmalfeldt
Published: August 15, 2011 at 10:11 am

Shortly after getting up this morning, we lost our power. Now that I have given up "smart phone technology" in the name of cost-savings in this post-retirement era, I was at a loss for information. So I did something I very rarely do anymore.

I listened to the radio.

I finally settled on station WCBM in Baltimore. At first I thought, "Well, this is the Rush Limbaugh station so whatever happened, I'm sure it will somehow be Obama's fault." See, stations that carry Limbaugh tend to either carry some other right wing troglodyte like Mike Gallagher or some local Limbaugh-wannabe in the morning.

But I was pleasantly surprised. The host of the morning show, Tom Marr, was actually talking about a current emergency of sorts in Baltimore.

See, overnight and early this morning, small thundershowers stalled in stationary areas and flooded parts of town with torrential rainfall. Traffic was a nightmare. And while this seemed to have little to do with our being without power, Marr and his morning crew were doing an EXCELLENT job keeping their listeners informed about where the local snarls were, where the flooded roads were located, taking calls from listeners offering alternate routes and doing something local radio has long since seemed to forget how to do — SERVE THE COMMUNITY!

Now, of course, I know Tom Marr... not personally, but by reputation.

His job... scare the white people. Stoke their sense of victimhood. Make them believe their most paranoid fantasies. Fear the Muslims. Fear the Socialists. And most of all, fear those scary negroes.

These are typical of the "images" on Tom Marr's website.

Yes, the tired old "hate the French" crap. I wonder if Tom still eats "Freedom Fries."

Yes, the tired old "War on Christmas" crap. After all, wherever you look nowadays, SOMEONE is persecuting those poor Christians.

Yes, the tired old "Hate the Muslims" crap. Because they're brown skinned and call God by a different name than we do.

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