Public Funding of CBC Promotes Political Correctness

Author: Michel A. Bell
Published: December 02, 2011 at 12:11 pm

Normally, I don’t watch the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) TV shows or listen to its radio programs. Rarely, for my research, I watch or listen to a specific program or news item. Each time, I hear left leaning, politically correct, liberal politics spouted by anchors and commentators.

While changing channels recently, inadvertently, I tuned to CBC TV at 7:00 P.M., on a weeknight, and saw the British soap opera, Coronation Street! This stunned me. I could not believe my taxes were subsidizing the cost to air a soap opera at the supper hour?

Though publicly funded, CBC behaves as if it is above the law. Its resistance to release spending documents under Access to Information disgusted me. But I find repugnant, this current incident. In response to the federal government's release of pictures and names of 30 suspected war criminals, CBC declined to publish their names and pictures. Here is their line: “CBC News' practice is not to name suspects, and therefore, is not publishing the names or photos of the suspects at this time.” Why is this publicly funded media taking this stance, when many commercial media published this information?

Still, the deeper issue is this: Why should Canadians continue to give CBC more than $1 billion yearly? Their, and their sympathizers’ official line will stress the need to “serve to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the cultural, political, social and economic fabric of Canada:”

In today’s Information Age, do we need the CBC to safeguard, enrich and strengthen Canadian culture? Our multicultural policy alone has redefined Canadian culture. As practiced, Canada’s official multiculturalism policy erodes traditional Canadian values. Progressively, we believe in almost everything others bring to this country, and nothing, simultaneously. This attitude has ushered in modern political correctness, which stifles freedom of speech. Today, if I speak openly about my Christian beliefs with sensitivity and love, I am labeled intolerant! Then again, I might be brought before a commission or other body!

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