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Let the Games Begin: House Owned by Republicans

Author: Danny Vollmer
Published: November 03, 2010 at 5:16 am

2010 Election very interesting thus far.The Republicans have taken over the House. It's official! Democrats never stood a chance coming into it. With states having been heavily red in the past, along with some that have been blue in the past, things have changed drastically. Even the neutral purple states have changed hands and have sided with one of the two main political parties. The upside for the Democrats though, is not all is lost due to the fact that depending on the outcome of the West Coast, the Republicans will need a clean sweep of all seven seats to take over the senate.

With the rumors swirling, odds are it might come down to California, and with the popularity of long-time politician Barbara Boxer and her straightforward liberal views and stance on education, Republican rival and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina might not have a chance at all. If Boxer beats Fiorina, it would give the Democrats total control of the Senate and after that, anything can happen.

The United States is in chaos right now and the economy keeps going up and down but staying deep along negative lines. The American people deserve not only explanation but they need solutions. With the way the 2010 election has been going so far, and with the Republicans already owning the House, and the Republicans not being able to answer straightforward questions from the media, it goes to show you how much deeper we could be digging ourselves for the future.

Either way, it has been an interesting election, and if all stays the same, and Boxer beats Fiorina for California senate, things could get very interesting. Let the games begin.


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